#StyleGoals November. 05. Maple




Hair. | little bones. Rumor

Hat. | ESSENCE  bonnet with straps @Sad November

Shirt. | ESSENCE HipShirt @Sad November

Sweater. |  ESSENCE Crop Sweater @Sad November

Jeans. | ESSENCE Skinny Jeans @Sad November

Sneakers. |  REIGN Arianna Sneakers

Decoration. |

[ keke ] fall maple leaves. ground cover  @keke Store

[ keke ] fall maple leaves. whirling @keke Store

Little Branch WildBeech Animated 4Season  @TMD

Little Branch WildGrass Dry

AsteroidBox. Lonely Studies  Study Book @Sad November

what next Fall Apple Candle

what next Orchard Basket

JIAN Splendid Spaniels 19. Floor Snoozer

JIAN Cheeky Chihuahuas Comfy Blankie rare

Chez Moi Shelter Rainy Day  @Sad November

Chez Moi Broken Umbrella  @Sad November

Chez Moi Park Bench Windsor  @Sad November

Pose. | The Owl. Single Poses. Pack #16 @Sad November


#StyleGoals November. 07. Eternal North




Hair. | tram G1025 hair @88collaborator

Head. |CATWA HEAD Magy

Beauty. | MUDSKIN The Forest Deer Forest

Headpiece. |  *LODE* Head Accessory  Vanessa cereus bridal @Chapter4

Top/Dress. | Zenith Sweater with scarf dress Rose @88collaborator

Pet. | OSMIA Zodiac.Gacha.Rabbit.Decor Brown  @Pocket Gacha

Boots. | Zenith Soft leather Boot with socks White  @88collaborator

Pose.RK Poses. Girls’ time

Location. North @Inworld


#StyleGoals November. 06. Rasperry Babe




Hair. | Tableau Vivant \\ Lock ‘n’ Roll  @Store

Dress. | OSMIA  Pin-UpDoll.Gacha Dress rare  @Rewind 

Heels. | OSMIA Pin-UpDoll.Gacha Heels rare @Rewind

Cigarette. | OSMIA Pin-UpDoll.Gacha Cigarette White  @Rewind

Pet. | Pink Acid Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Male 05

Decoration. |

Astralia Pin up life backgrounds Kitchen  @Rewind

dust bunny. brunch . heart waffle plate

dust bunny. brunch . raspberry cookies

ionic. Milkshakes

dust bunny. brunch . hibiscus poached pear

dust bunny. brunch . hanging apron

Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles

Apple Fall Ceramic Bowls

Pink Acid Flags Cupcake Decor

Pink Acid Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Male 05

Ionic. Tea cookies

Tannnhauser Vintage Radio


#StyleGoals November. 12. Galaxy Rainbow




Hair. |  .Shi Batach

Hairbase. | Tableau Vivant Hairbase10

Accessories. | Violetility Spider Gag  @ROMP

Wings. | C L A Vv. Shattered Angel Wings rare

Bra. | r2 shikura bra rainbow @88collaborator

Pants/Panties. |  r2 shikura @88collaborator

Boots. |  r2 shikura @88collaborator

Decoration. |

anxiety %escape RARE

[ keke ] heaven neon sign @ 6republic

Pose.Bauhaus Movement Screaming Set @TLC


#StyleGoals November. 11. Tokyo Series II




Hair. | BTTB Sasha gacha hair rare @Pocket Gacha

Glasses. | Glam Affair. Glasses Ella  @Fameshed

Tops. | SPIRIT Veronika top

Coat. |  .Shi : Oversized Etched Coat Black

Harness. |  NOX. Sona Harness Black

Shorts. |  / Leggings. | SPIRIT Neal shorts & leggings

Sandals. |  .Shi : Centurion Sandal Black

Decoration. |  Tableau Vivant Yatai @6Republic

Tableau Vivant  Yatai stall RARE / bench / banners red / lantern white / ramen Ni / ramen Roku /  Teppanyaki steak / yakitori / yakitori tray / cups brown / kyusu kocha

Pose. | RK Poses Mags Set


#StyleGoals November. 10. Tokyo Series I




Hair. | BTTB  Shapka Hat & Hair rare @Pocket Gacha

Accessories. | *Tentacio* Street Food. Take away bag

Choker. | FAKEICON vason choker

Top. | SPIRIT Alexy Top

Jacket. | Fashionable Dead Sweet Sporty Faux Fur Jacket Purple

Pants. | SPIRIT Maddy Pants

Sneakers. | Vinyl Saturday Sneakers Grey rare  @Pocket Gacha

Decoration. |

BTTB Sasha gacha cigarette case plain @Pocket Gacha

e.marie Coffee Tumbler  Black @Pocket Gacha

anxiety Escape Build rare @6republic

anxiety Escape items ( trash cans / wooden crates / cones / trash bags / bench / neon signs )  @6republic

[ keke ] Neon signs @6republic

Pose. | The Owl Individual poses set 15


#StyleGoals November. 09. On A Sunday Morning




Hair. |Monso   @Fameshed

Eyes. |LOTUS. Autumn Eyes @Chapter 4

Accessories. | Zenith  Bear Bow earmuffs White @kustom9

Dress. | Zenith Oversize hoodie Choco @LM

Tights. | Izzie’s Cozy Tights @LM

Boots/socks. | Zenith winter mid leather boots with socks Beige

Pet. |dust bunny & O.M.E.N. Basket Cat Bed. Brown

Decoration. |

Glam Affair. Petit Cuisine ( 6.Porcelain Storage Vase / 8.Ready To Use Tableware / 9.Sink RARE / 13.Stove / 1.Spices Rack RARE / 7.Dining Table / 12.Italian Cheese for Pasta / 11.Spaghetti With Meatballs / 4.Schiacciata all’Uva / 2.Duck a l’Orange / 10.Bread with Cheese / 3.Bread / 5.Pears in Syrup @Chapter 4

Hideki  Kitchen Jars / Hideki Morning Mugs

Miwa’s airship Bowls / Miwa’s airship Cinnamon rolls / Miwa’s airship Kitchen counter / Miwa’s airship Pan hanger / Miwa’s airship Milk pot

what next Country Kitchen Cookbook

dust bunny. lumberjack’s table / dust bunny. wood stove. black / dust bunny. storybook living. fresh bouquet / dust bunny. potted rowan berries / dust bunny. kettle 4 / dust bunny. autumns calling. wine bottle / dust bunny. autumns calling. candle cup

dust bunny. woodland dreams. penrose cottage. rare

Nutmeg. Rattan Chair

*ionic* Scales with Lemon / *ionic* Eggs

Pose. |RK Poses Ana


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